During the conference AS-KOOP, our school’s service bus provider, will provide free shuttle service to schools staying in either of the designated conference hotels, which are Mercure and Harem Hotels.

AS-KOOP also offers other services such as transportation to and from Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen Airports. These services aren’t free and will be charged by AS-KOOP. It is also possible to hire a bus for a day in order to explore Istanbul; although not during the conference.

The cost per person each way to and from is 10 euros for both airports (Atatürk Airport, Sabiha Gökçen Airport). Each way to and from the bus station also costs 10 euros per person. There is no charge for advisors travelling with their delegations.

If you wish, you may hire a bus from ASKOOP for 150 euros per day to tour Istanbul. It is possible to come before the conference or stay after the conference for sightseeing. Please contact us for advice on sightseeing in Istanbul.

Please note that payments must be made directly to AS-KOOP either by bank transfers by October 23rd or in cash upon arrival. All transport requests are arranged through the AS-KOOP Company. The sending school is responsible for any transfer fees and bank charges.

Schools that wish to pay their transportation fees as Turkish Lira (TRY) bank transfers are welcome to do so. If you wish to complete your payment in Turkish Liras, please visit to convert your fee to TRY. In order to convert your Euro fee to Turkish Liras; multiply your fee by the EUR/TRY selling rate of the day that you are making the payment. If you come across any difficulties, please contact the FAT team.

Cash upon arrival payments can be made in either Euros or Turkish Liras. Below are the details of the bank accounts of AS-KOOP if you would like to pay by bank transfer.


AS-KOOP                                                                                                                           BANK: T. GARANTİ BANKASI AS                                                                               BRANCH: BAĞLARBAŞI                                                                                         CUSTOMER NUMBER: 5755116                                                                               ACCOUNT NUMBER: 422/9077445                                                                                 TAX OFFICE: ÜSKÜDAR                                                                                                     TAX NUMBER: 7350358800                                                                                             IBAN NUMBER: TR85 0006 2000 4220 0009 0774 45


AS-KOOP                                                                                                                       BANK:GARANTİ BANKASI                                                                                       BRANCH:BAĞLARBAŞI ŞUBESİ                                                                               BRANCH CODE: 422                                                                                                   ACCOUNT NAME: S.S.302 NOLU AS-KOOP                                                       ACCOUNT NUMBER: 6299530                                                                                         SWIFT CODE: TG-BATRIS 422                                                                                         IBAN NUMBER: TR92 0006 2000 4220 0006 2995 30

If you come across any difficulties, please contact us at any time.

The F.A.T. Team