Letter of the Secretary General

Distinguished Directors, Esteemed Guests, and Dear Participants,

It is my utmost privilege and honor to welcome you to the 23rd annual session of the Turkish International Model United Nations, hosted by Uskudar American Academy, Istanbul.

January 1st 2016 marked the official adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals aimed to secure a prosperous planet by 2030. Sustainability not only pertains to preserving the nature as a means of protecting the environment but also to preserving the economic, social and political integrity of our current world. In light of recent developments in the international community, TIMUN “16 will seek to establish “Sustainability Through Unity”.

While sustainability is an ultimate goal, it is by no means a solitary one. In the wake of the international turmoil that grip much of our world, the United Nations must stand in unity while fulfilling the promises of sustainability. Conciliatory measures for the adoption of global action frameworks such as the Sustainable Development goals is a necessity in resolving conflicts that concern the future of our existence on planet Earth. Global cooperation will pave the way to progress in the fields of economic equality, political stability and social security. Bearing in mind recent stagnations in emerging economies, increasing population densities and perilous levels of political polarization, international partnership will serve as a pillar for a better future.  The United Nations must take a stand for sustainability, and this stand should reinforce the very principles vested in its charter, international cooperation, peace and security.

The Executive Team and the Board of Directors of TIMUN ’16 are proud to provide an international platform in which an international group of young people can discuss and propose solutions to long-lasting crises. Over the course of 22 years TIMUN has transcended its role as a simulation of the real UN and has developed into an exemplary model powered by a courageous youth.  Speaking on behalf of the TIMUN ’16 Executive Team, I can wholeheartedly assure you that TIMUN ’16 will offer nothing less than the promise of excellence. As a team we will do our utmost best to ensure four days of intellectually-demanding debate and ultimately an enriching Model United Nations experience.

As our conference motto goes, we wish you to Be a Part of TIMUN ’16!

Sincerely yours,

Bartu Kutlu
Secretary General of TIMUN ’16