Letter of the PGA

Distinguished Directors, Honorable Guests, and Dear Participants,

I am more than honored to welcome you to the twenty-third annual session of Turkish International Model United Nations (TIMUN). This year, I will be serving as the President of the General Assembly.

TIMUN has been a pioneer in bringing different ideas and students together from all across the globe since it was first established in 1993. Over the course of the past 23 years, TIMUN has grown in size, scope and prestige. Driven from the founding principles of the United Nations, we have been inspired by the achievements of the United Nations which has held the international community strong and united for over seventy years. As for TIMUN 2016, we have decided to put emphasis on the “Sustainable Development Goals” of the United Nations which were set out in 2015.This fifteen year course of action aims to “end povertyprotect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all.” In alignment with the call for action by the United Nations, we have set this year’s theme as “Sustainability through Unity.”

Since the establishment of the United Nations in 1945, our global community has undergone many challenges that have threatened the sustainability at both regional and global levels. Whether it be the Civil War after the dissolution of Yugoslavia, the natural resources crisis and increased air pollution or the rise of global terror, our unity has been shaken. We have sometimes failed to take adequate action in the crises we faced. Yet, after each problem we have faced one thing is clear: we must unite at an international level to ensure the mutual development of our civilizations.

Under the guiding light of the United Nations, we have overcome many of those challenges. So, for this year’s TIMUN, our theme refocuses on the core values of the UN.  We must take solid steps to reach true equality, stability, and sustainability for all. As an era of unprecedented advancements lies in front of us, we must ensure that we shape our future with right decisions. Only then will our goals be reached. Only then will mankind be able to fully enjoy all individual rights. As TIMUN reaches its twenty-third anniversary, we are especially pleased to have you united at TIMUN to discuss terms for a sustainable future. I assure you all that this year’s TIMUN will not stray from its continuing tradition of excellence.

Most sincerely,
Efe Aydo
President of the General Assembly