Letter of Invitation

Dear MUN Directors,

You are cordially invited to participate in the THIMUN-affiliated Turkish International Model United Nations (TIMUN) conference hosted by Uskudar American Academy in Istanbul, Turkey, from December 1st to December 4th 2016.

Now in its 23rd year, it is a solidly-established conference, drawing schools from many countries around the world.  International participants in recent years have come from Dubai, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Korea, the Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United States of America.

Please note that the TIMUN 2016 badge fee is 130 Euros per delegate and per advisor. There is no deposit and no fees are payable until October.

At TIMUN 2016 the International Court of Justice (ICJ) plan to hold sessions for two distinct, though interconnected hearings. Students wishing to apply for positions as advocates should have a partner.  Applications must be submitted conjointly by two students who are both ready to work in close collaboration with the Court Presidency and with each other in the preparation of their case. These should be submitted after their school has registered for the conference, together with a letter of recommendation from an official MUN Advisor. Those wishing to apply for the position of judge do not need to have previous ICJ experience.  Further information about the ICJ is available on our website. If your school has experienced advocates wishing to apply to work in the TIMUN 2016 ICJ, please let us know.  Regular communication from appointment onwards, is crucial to preparation for the success of this event.

The Security Council is intended to provide a forum for students with strong MUN experience.

Schools wishing to apply for delegations represented as one of the Security Council P5 or for Advocate or Registrar positions in the ICJ will be asked to provide evidence that applicants have the necessary motivation, procedural knowledge, experience and skills.

We also ask that you encourage experienced delegates looking for a new challenge to apply as an NGO or agency.  These will be significantly involved in various committees and good knowledge of what proposals are feasible and what are not, is crucial for quality debate.  Representing an NGO or agency requires deep understanding of relevant issues and governmental policies.  This is best suited for well-motivated, responsible delegates who are willing to lead and advise others on the UN’s various roles, as executed by the respective body.

Note that the MUN Advisors from schools with applicants for student officer, press and ICJ positions need to register for the conference before student applications can be submitted. Please remind applicants for student officer positions that if they are about to enter external, academic examinations then they need to ensure that they can meet the time commitment and challenge of such a position. Please also be aware that we do not allow students to leave the conference, in order to take exams such as the SAT or ACT.  (In recent years we have had to deal with the problem of ambitious Student Officers later withdrawing from their appointment because of examination schedules and/or more general pressure of work. We are anxious to avoid such problems and ask you to check that your students are aware of the deadlines they need to meet for coursework submission or for the exams.  They should have no problems in committing to full attendance and participation throughout the 3.5 days of our conference).

We would be very happy to welcome your school as one of the participants in TIMUN 2016.  If you would like to participate and need further information, please check the website at:  http://timun.gen.tr  or contact us by any of the following means:

Email : secretariat@timun.gen.tr

Tel.: + 90 216 333 1100   Ext : 1199  (Susan Akyurek)

Fax: + 90 216 553 1818

Please note, however, that we are always heavily oversubscribed and can not guarantee a place to all schools that apply, regardless of the date of application.  We do keep a waiting list and many schools on that list are subsequently offered places.

From April 2014, visas have no longer been available for entry into Turkey at the border or at the airport. A link to the new E-visa system has been posted on the website. It is a simple system.  However, schools with international students need to check if E-visas are applicable to all in their group.  Some may still need to apply for a standard visa from the nearest Turkish consulate.


Dr. Simon Butterworth
Susan Akyurek
Board of Directors, TIMUN