Letter of the ICJ Presidency

Dear Advisors and Participants,

It is an honour to serve as Presidents and the Liaison Coordinator of the current session.  It will be a pleasure to welcome you to the International Court of Justice in Turkish International Model United Nations’ 23rd Annual Session, and our ICJ’s 10th annual session.

As a conference, TIMUN aims for rigorous inquiry into the world issues. The International Court of Justice works as a stimulating and challenging branch of the conference.  In this spirit, the ICJ takes intellectual inquiry one step further and each year, entertains hearings in two inter-connected courts.

Our conference theme is “Sustainability through Unity.” Thus, this year’s International Court of Justice will be looking into the crimes committed against humanity.  One court will be hearing the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo v. Uganda, while the other one will hear Democratic Republic of Congo v. Rwanda.

Over a decade, our ICJ simulation has grown from one hearing of a single case to two hearings of inter-linked cases, due to your increasing interest. Today, this interest is inspiring in a world in which the newer generations better understand and believe more deeply in the work of the ICJ for the non-violent resolution of important conflicts and the proper establishment of crucial points of principle in international jurisprudence. Above all, the increasing attention to the court is a sign that young people deeply care and are curious about legal systems and their proper workings. It is truly a joy to see many people who care about justice, and by serving that justice, reach deeper into their better selves. The ICJ gives one of the most advanced and rewarding experiences one can experience during an MUN career. Encouraging students to embark upon this journey together by reaching out to more students is our greatest contentment.

Our team knows that justice is the quintessential building block for a better world. Therefore each year, the ICJ at our conference works hard in keeping this fact in mind. We promise that this tradition will continue, and our inquiry into justice will be more fascinating than ever.

We are eagerly looking forward to working with all members of the ICJ at TIMUN ’16.

Best regards,

Deniz Türkçapar & Emre Koç                                                              Maide Kargili
      Presidency of the ICJ                                                         Senior Liaison Coordinator